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Unhappy with your body?

Do you look in the mirror and think "I can do better". Do who worry about what you eat and/or feel guilty when you don't eat the "right" thing? BellyBreakthroughWorkshopCollage If so, then Body Food Freedom can help you. What you eat affects you. You won't be forced to juice kale, eat quinoa nor do a smoothie cleanse. However You will be asked to look at and listen to your body with honesty and compassion. You will say hello to new ingredients and goodbye to the kitchen struggle. You will learn how food and your feelings affect your body, what you should be eating and how to lose weight for good. But first you are going to start with the body you have. You've tried losing weight. But it's not working. 
  • your emotions get the best of you and you eat your feelings
  • your job has you stressed and you make 3 pm visits to the vending machine
  • your bad eating habits are what's keeping where you are and blocking you from where you want to be
  • your weight is constantly an issue for you
  • you have a few health issues and you are ready for a change
Body Food Freedom points you in the right direction and gets you back on track.  We offer regular workshops and a weekly web series that offer healthy recipes, teach weight loss principles and help you form new habits. Ready to start? If you're just looking for healthy recipes or dinner inspiration,  get your fix here. (Everything I cook is body friendly and enriched with vitality.) If you're looking to take it a step further and better your relationship with food, your body and health then let's meet once a week here.  If you want to ask me anything else, e-mail me at shelley@bodyfoodfreedom.com

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